Preparing for laser hair removal - what to do before the first procedure

necessary to carry out consultation, during which the specialist will assess the condition of the skin, skin type (what is your reaction to sunlight, the color and type of hair - from the selection of these factors depends on the laser power);
specialist will assess whether there are no contraindications for the procedure;
Laser hair removal on the face

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you once again informed of the characteristic effects of the laser on the skin (such as safety training), because after hair removal can be a small erythema or edema in the hair follicle, these symptoms with exceptional sensitivity may remain for a few days - but usually disappear fast;
you need to plan the process so that you avoid the sun for about 2 weeks after surgery, therefore, given the threefold repetition of procedures for the complete removal of hair it is recommended to start the series before the summer period;
Specialist performs a test irradiation, to determine the appropriate parameters of the laser light for the procedure.
Contraindications for laser hair depilation

laser Hair Removal

very fresh tan (up to 2 weeks);
Use creams with retinol and fruit acids - should stop using them at least 1 month before the operation;
the use of medicinal herbs (St. John's wort, calendula) - stop for 2 - 3 weeks before surgery;
Depilation wax and other mechanical methods of removing hair for about 1 month before the operation;
red and white hair (do not contain melanin);
skin with a tendency to discolor;
vitiligo, psoriasis and other skin changes active.
Preparation for the procedure


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Laser hair removal legs
before the procedure is necessary to shave the hair (you can use depilatory creams, but should not be used for depilation wax or tweezers, because the procedure requires the presence of hair);
the skin should be washed and no blurring;
make sure that you did not have scratches and irritation because of open wounds on the spot stains can occur after laser treatment.
Safety Methods

Safety in laser hair removal

the use of laser radiation requires the use of special protective glasses;
during surgery is important cleaning tip from contamination, as the end is in direct contact with the skin, you should always disinfect it to prevent infection.
What to do after laser hair depilation

What to do after the laser depilation

the procedure should be repeated every 2-3 months is too long a break between treatments can weaken the effect;
protect your skin from the sun and do not use a solarium at least 3 weeks;
should refrain from visiting saunas, exclude intense exercise for 3 days;
if within 3 hours after the procedure is felt a burning or itching, may be used cosmetic moisturizer (without alcohol);
Do not use

any medication without the consent of a specialist, who performed your procedure;
St. John's wort and calendula in any form;
exfoliating cosmetics;
Within a few days after surgery

Do not use soaps, deodorants, perfumes;
It should not be much to wipe the place in which was made depilation, sponge or towel;
2-3 times a day, apply a cream or alantan Bepanten;
You do not need to pull out the hair for about six months (mechanical depilation);